Apostolos Roussas followed his dream of becoming a rock star, but because he was successful only during his shower sessions, he kept this dream to himself. So, now he is a 2D – 3D motion artist and he likes to think that he is a director too.

Apostolos is an animator who works in 2D and 3D because he wants to breath life into his ideas. His 8 years of experience stand as proof that the rock star idea wasn’t for him. This experience and his proficiency in After Effects, Cinema 4D and Illustrator makes him stand out of the crowd and every idea he puts in mind becomes a masterpiece.

He likes surfing and working out at the gym, but even then, his passion overcomes him and even when he’s riding a big wave, his mind is… well, on the big wave of course! If he drowns he would not continue that director career that he pretends that he has. When he doesn’t compose really bad music, he reads psychology books and thinks about what other tattoos to put on that gorgeous body of his. In his free time, that he doesn’t really have, he goes to the cinema, orders nachos and checks out if there’s a better director than him out there. Because this happens a lot, his self-esteem forces him to exceed his full capacity.

Do you want to hear a joke about Apostolos’ work? There is none! Even though he’s a funny guy, he takes his job really seriously, and he aims to please!